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How do I create a new App?

New users need to sign the contract before creating apps in the production environment. Users who have not signed the contract can only create apps in the test environment, in which no costs will be incurred.
You can check your contract status via account management.

You can create new apps via Application > Apps. Here are the steps:

1. App URL:Fill in the details page link of the app store or the APK download link. The APK download link must contain the domain name of the app store. You can download the APK package using your browser and get the link from the "download content", or generate the link using the tools provided by the app store.

If your app is on Android, you will need to pass the "signature verification". In addition to the package name, you will also need to fill in the SHA1 value, which is required to verify the authenticity of the app.

2.Bundle ID(package id): The package name you fill in must be complete, as we will use it to check its uniqueness on our platform. However when you request ads, we will only check the main package name so that you do not have to add the package again for other channels. Of course, you can manually add the packages for other channels so as to distinguish data from such channels.

3.Please also complete the COPPA setting to ensure compliance.

4.If the package name already exists, and you can prove that you are the rightful owner of the package name, please contact your business development manager or contact us via

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