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How do I receive payment?

Providing payment information
To receive payment from Pangle for your app properties, you need to provide your payment information and sign an e-contract as follows:
1. Go to My Account (located in the upper-righthand corner).
2. Fill in your account information and qualification information.
3. Check your inbox for an email that will ask you to sign the online contract via DocuSign.
4. Sign the online contract on DocuSign. The contract should be counter-signed and available on the platform within 24 hours.
* Please note that you will always be able to download your contract from the Pangle platform.
Signing the invoice

The process of confirming the invoice

1. Confirm and Generate Invoice. The settlement period is by month. You can view your last month's earnings at Payments section from the 10th business day of the next month. Please review and click Confirm.

2. Receive Payment Confirm Notification. You will receive a Payment Confirm Notification email after clicking "confirm" button. Please contact Pangle if you can not receive the notification email.

3. Check Payment Status. You can find your payment status: Pending - Payment Processing - Paid

* Please note that Pangle supports payment in USD.

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