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Rewarded video ads

What are rewarded video ads

Rewarded video ads are interactive full-screen video ads that users can choose to watch in exchange for in-app rewards. This format makes each video ad into a "task" that users can complete in order to gain incentives. By inciting and fulfilling users' needs, rewarded video ads have become a highly effective way to attract attention and drive up revenue for publishers.

Rewarded video ads highlights

Superior CPM performance

With our leading advertising technology and a very competitive demand pool, Pangle rewarded video ads can deliver over 10 times higher eCPM than regular image ads.

Enhancing user engagement and LTV

Rewarded video ads enable users to enjoy your games, content, or functions without the need of purchases. This allows users to spend more time within your apps and hence, increases retentions and lifetime value.

Strong immersion and user-friendly

Pangle rewarded video ads act as incentives for your users rather than as flow blockers. They are displayed through native full-screen video formats that last 10-30 seconds. Altogether, they deliver a strong level of immersion and better experiences for your users.

Customized end card design and integration

Publishers have the flexibility to choose their preferred rewarded video end cards from numerous Pangle end card templates. Designs can be customized for different apps to best match the look, feel, and message that you wish to deliver based on your needs.

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