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Interstitial ads

What are interstitial ads

Interstitial ads display across the user interface, providing an immersive viewing experience. They usually appear at natural breaks or transition points in an app to minimize interruption. In general, they last 10‒30 seconds and can be skipped after 5 seconds.

Interstitial ads highlights

Natural integration

Interstitial ads generally appear after the user has just finished one set of operations and before they start the next. For example, an interstitial ad might appear in a game just after a user completes a level, or in a learning app after a user masters a module.

This method avoids interrupting user flow, in turn boosting conversion rates.

Maximal monetization

Interstitial ads are a way to reach the fraction of users who don't engage with rewarded video ads. As a result, these ads get more impressions.

Suitability for various types of apps

Interstitial ads can be shown in portrait or landscape mode. And without the special requirements of other formats such as rewarded video ads and native ads, a wider range of app types can be involved and integration is easier.

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