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FAQs on App Verification

(1) What are the APK download link and details page link?

1. APK link: A link that when tapped, it redirects the user and starts the APK download. For example:

2. Details page link: The details page on the app store. For example

(2) How do I find my app store URL?

Google Play

1. Visit the Google Play app store.

2. Search for your app and visit the app page.

3. Copy the URL. Google Play URL uses the following format:<package_name>

Apple App Store

1. Visit the Apple App Store.

2. Search for your app and visit the app page.

3. Copy the URL. Apple App Store URL uses the following format:<country>/app/<app–name>/id<store-ID>

(3) Common Causes for Verification Failure

1. The SHA1 value or package name is incorrect: Please double-check the SHA1 value and package name you have filled in.

a. What is SHA1?

SHA1, short for Secure Hash Algorithm 1, is typically used to verify whether a file has been altered.

We require publishers to provide an SHA1 value when registering new Android apps on Pangle in order to verify the ownership and authenticity of apps registered on the platform.

To get the Android Release Keystore SHA1 Fingerprint for your app, we recommend you follow the instructions at:

2. The package name already exists: Your app is already uploaded on Pangle. If you are the true developer, please contact your business development manager or contact us via, and we will stop the impostor from using your app. Please note that unauthorized use of other developers' apps for profit is strictly prohibited on Pangle.

3. Package name parsing failure: Pangle fails to locate the app using the app store link you provided. This issue often occurs for iTunes links. The main cause is that your app is only available in certain countries/regions, so you need to add country/region codes to the app link. For example: For Douyin China (, if the string "cn" in the link is removed (, then relevant information from the app store cannot be obtained.)

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