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How to integrate both [CN]Pangle SDK and [Outside CN]Pangle SDK


Starting from version v3.4.0.0, pangle iOS SDK will be divided into [CN] Pangle SDK and [Outside CN] Pangle SDK.

The SDK is divided into three General libraries, one CN library and one Outside_CN library.

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General libraries BUAdSDK.bundle、BUAdSDK.framework、BUFoundation.framework
Outside_CN library BUVAAuxiliary.framework
CN library BUCNAuxiliary.framework

Import Outside_CN Pangle SDK


When you wanna only import Outside_CN Pangle SDK separately, you need to import the General libraries and Outside_CN library:BUAdSDK.bundle、BUAdSDK.framework、BUFoundation.framework、BUVAAuxiliary.framework


pod 'Ads-Global'

Import CN Pangle SDK


When you wanna only import CN Pangle SDK separately, you need to import import the General libraries and CN library:BUAdSDK.bundle、BUAdSDK.framework、BUFoundation.framework、BUCNAuxiliary.framework


pod 'Ads-CN'

Import both CN Pangle SDK and Outside_CN Pangle SDK


All five files need to be imported:BUAdSDK.bundle、BUAdSDK.framework、BUFoundation.framework、BUVAAuxiliary.framework、BUCNAuxiliary.framework


pod 'Ads-Global' , :subspecs => ['BUAdSDK','Domestic'] 

If you import both CN Pangle SDK and Outside_CN Pangle SDK, setTerritory is required (mark the user as CN or Outside CN), it should be finished before initializing Pangle SDK.

Publishers should locate the user devices directly. We would suggest to locate users with the following ways:

  • Locate user devices through IP address.
  • Locate user devices through GPS info, GPS should be collected by developers, Pangle SDK won't collect GPS info.
  • Locate user devices through developer's user account infomation(If app support) or internal ids.

Once the user is located, then call setTerritory according to the user location.


  • The method setTerritory must be called before initializing Pangle SDK.
  • Publishers are responsible for locating the users.
  • Pangle will not return ads when the territory is incorrect. (For example, you Set Territory to BUAdSDKTerritory_CN but the user's IP is outside of China Mainland and vice versa.)
///This property should be set when both BUVAAuxiliary.framework and BUCNAuxiliary.framework are imported in your project, otherwise it does not need to be set. You must set Territory before set APPID.
///@param territory : Regional value: 1.BUAdSDKTerritory_CN  2.BUAdSDKTerritory_NO_CN
[BUAdSDKManager setTerritory: (BUAdSDKTerritory)territory];

Pangle provides a new sdk initialization method starting from v3.6.0.0, the old initialization method still works in the new sdk, in the new initialization flow, you should set territory through BUAdSDKConfiguration class.

BUAdSDKConfiguration *configuration =[BUAdSDKConfiguration configuration];
configuration.territory = BUAdSDKTerritory_NO_CN;
configuration.appID = @"Your App Id";
[BUAdSDKManager startWithAsyncCompletionHandler:^(BOOL success, NSError *error) {
    if (success) {
       //Pangle SDK has been successfully initialized

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