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Register information & Contact information & Contract information

Register information

Register Email : You can register your Pangle account with email, receive the activation email we sent, click the activation link and log in to the platform. It will be receiving important notifications from Marketing team of Pangle

Register phone number: After registering the Pangle account with the email, you can bind the registered phone number, and the next time you log in to the platform, you can directly use the registered phone number to receive the SMS verification code to log in.
Contact information

Contact phone number and Email : Please fill in carefully, as they will be receiving important notifications from Finance team and Anti-fraud team of Pangle.
Contract information

Signee: Please make sure that the person referred to here has the authority to sign the contract with Pangle.

Signee Mobile: Please make sure that this is a mobile number that could receive SMS confirmation when signing the contract.

Signee Email: Please note that this email will receive an e-signature invitation to sign the agreement.
The above three information can use the same email
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