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Error Code

Error code Instructions Investigation hint
20001 No fill
40001 BadRequest: Http request pb error Indicates that some necessary parameters have invalid values. Please check the integration guideline on Pangle platform
40004 BadRequest: Empty Slot ID Indicates that the slotID is null
40005 BadRequest: Invalid Ad Size Indicates that the AdSize is missing or an unsupported size is passed.
40006 Invalid Slot ID Indicates that the length of the slotID is incorrect, or an empty string is passed.
40007 BadRequest: Ad counts error Indicates that the Ad counts is invalid
40008 BadRequest: Image size error Indicates that the image size is not supported.
40009 Invalid App ID Indicates that the app id is invalid or app id is missing
40016 BadRequest: Slot ID and App ID is not matched Indicates that the relationship between App Id and Slot Id is invalid or App Id is missing.
40018 Invalid Package Name Indicates that the package name of your project does not match the package name you filled in Pangle platform.
40019 BadRequest: Ad Type and Slot Id is not matched Indicates that Ad Type and Slot Id is not matched. For example, try to load a rewarded ad with a banner ad slot id.
40021 BadRequest: Invalid SHA1 value Indicates that the SHA1 is not matched with the SHA1 you entered on the Pangle platform
40022 BadRequest: Incorrect API method Indicates that the API method is incorrect
40024 BadRequest: The SDK version is too low Please update to the latest SDK
40025 BadRequest: verification failed Update to the latest SDK
40026 Unsupported regions Indicates that your Pangle account only support China traffic. No ads returned when you try to load ads outside of china(non-china IP)
40029 BadRequest: Incorrect API method There are three situations: One: IOS: ad request method error, SDK rendering advertisement and self rendering ad request method are different. Solution: Use the SDK rendering method and the correct parameters to request SDK rendering ad. Two: The server slotID configuration is not effective: you need to wait 2-3 minutes for the new slotID to request the ad. Three: Low SDK version: the SDK version used is too low (lower than and does not support personalized SDK rendering function. Solution: update to the latest version of the Platform SDK.
40034 Incorrect Bidding Ad Placement 1. Bidding ad placement can not be used in non-bidding environment 2. Non-bidding ad placement can not be used in bidding environment.
50001 Servers error Server error, if the error could be 100% replicated, please give feedback to us via
-1 Data parsing failed. For the collection of client code problems, you can first check the following situations: One: show is called in the child thread. Two: ViewGroup is empty when registering click events. Three: The business logic of the media in the onFeedLoaded callback is abnormal, which causes the SDK to go to the onError callback. If the above ideas still can not solve your problem, you can contact the TS
-2 Network error Indicates that your network connection is not stable enough.
-16 Prohibit requesting ads Pangle don't have Children ads, you can not get fill when coppa = 1
101 Data parsing failed for template ads Please update to the latest sdk.
102 Template missing Please update to the latest sdk.
103 Subtemplate missing Please update to the latest sdk.
107 SDK rendering timeout Please update to the latest sdk.
108 SDK rendering timeout Please update to the latest sdk.
109 Template loads failed Please update to the latest sdk.
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